3.1 Major changes ahead!!!

So it seems we can never quite make a small update. This time there are two major changes that will happen:

  1. Completely changing how Courses, Players and Scorecards are handled. We'll try to explain the details as much as possible, but it's a bit complicated...
    1. Players and Courses may be connected to Scorecards. Since the DB would crash if you remove a Player or Course while it is used in a Scorecard, they have been hidden instead. We think this is confusing, so starting now you can no longer delete Players and Courses if they are being used in one of your Scorecards. If they were hidden they will now be made visible again.
    2. You can no longer change the Number of holes for a course which is being used in a Scorecard.
    3. Courses are no longer versioned locally. Since we never created any tools for managing versions properly we think this was far too complicated to continue using. Since older versions of DiscGolf will have created multiple versions of Courses, we are adding a Course Info page where you can check for newer courses and update to the latest course.
    4. Statistics will be changed to show information for a specific course. We used to match Courses by name before (all courses with the same name were considered the same Course), but since that is errorprone and you can merge/upgrade to newer courses now there is no need for this anymore.
    5. Upgrading a course can only be done if the newer course hasn't changed Hole count
    6. There may be problems with some courses where different versions are not connected as being the same course (we found a bug). Because of this we might add an option to search for newer courses by matching Country/State/Name with newer date. We hope that noone will run into this problem, but if you do then please contact us and we will either fix it for you or try to help you fix it yourself.
  2. We have to drop support for Android 2.2 (Froyo) and below since we're using Google Play Services. See this link below for more details: Google Play Services 4.0 - dropping support for Froyo and below
  3. There are some other new changes as well:
    • Select course from map (not just view anymore)
    • New updated help pages
    • Get driving directions to courses
    • Improoved scorecard creation
    • More in-app help with more instructive texts on whay you can or should do in different screens
    • Bugfixed in edit course
    • We've also fixed a few Browser compatability issued on this site (navigation mostly). With the new help pages you'll get info for the screen you are in directly (See the release notes below)

DiscGolf Help pages update

All help pages have been updated so that v3.1 users will be able to get help for the page/screen they are in. Help has also been changed so it works and looks much better in mobile phonesWe've also added a FAQ page and a Getting Started guide separately from navigation help. Help pages also contain a lot more information about game types and how these work in our app. We can safely say that we have the most extensive help among all discgolf applications out there.

We hope it will come in handy some day!

DiscGolf v3.0.1

Apparently the new changes caused the app to crash in a few devices, unfortunateley none of which I have access to. To combat the problem I reworked the entire start New Game functionality in hopes that it will fix the problem(s). The new release was just posted, and I'll keep a lookout if more krashes appear in the reports.

  • New! Better internal navigation for to start games and better info for players when these screens are new and contain no data.
  • Bugfix! App krashed when starting new games.
  • Bugfix! Loading dialoges didn't get cancelled if app was sent to background before loading was done
  • Bugfix! Large images weren't displayed as player images and would sometimes cause OutOfMemory issues.

On a completely unrelated topic, it's actually March 25 as I'm writing this post here in Sweden. That means it is Waffle day today, Mmmm! HAPPY WAFFLEDAY EVERYBODY!

DiscGolf v3.0

This started out as a small release, but features are fun so it quickly grew out of scope. Well we are finally done and are really happy with the results of DiscGolf 3. The Biggest change in this release are that we are replacing subscriptions with a simple one-time upgrade. We are also lowering the price of both Lite and Pro versions. Navigation has been simplified and UI has been cleaned up a lot. As usual we also fixed a few bugs and tested on a few devices, but it you find a bug then please contact us os we can fix it.

  • NEW! Subscriptions replaced with one time purchase in DG Lite.
  • NEW! Take picture of players.
  • NEW! Updated graphical layouts, menues and simplified functionality in several screens.
  • Updated internal APIs.
  • Dropping support for Android 2.1
  • Several bugs found and fixed :)

Webpage has been updated

It's been a long winter but now we're back with more updates. First off we present an updated webpage with cool animations, better responsive design for mobile devices and some layout changes. We also found a few bugs which we've been able to fix, so we hope you'll like the new webpage.

DiscGolf v2.4 + SmartWatch Scorekeeper

Today we released DiscGolf Scorekeeper. This is a Sony SmartWatch application which connects to DiscGolf Lite/Pro and lets you manage your scorecards. It has been more than a year since we first started planning this application, and now we are finally finnished. As an added bonus DiscGolf Scorekeeper works with both SmartWatch and SmartWatch2. DiscGolf Scorekeeper can also be used by all DiscGolf Lite/Pro users.

  • NEW! Supporting DiscGolf Scorekeeper.
  • Improvements to all synchronization.

DiscGolf v2.3

Map player throws available for all:

  • NEW! All players can now map their thrown locations and view these on a map. This is a major change in mapping courses and saving score. A) When you map/save throwing locations on a hole where coordinates haven't been set yet, they will be set automatically for the course as well. This way the course will be mapped and you'll always have tee and basket locations available the next time you play the hole. B) When saving throws you'll be able to view them later on a map, view statistics and score can automatically be counted.
  • NEW! Map settings, select what to display on the map
  • NEW! Added throwing statistics for players
  • NEW! Share scorecard as Image
  • NEW! Share scorecard Online
  • Update! All players can now map their thrown locations and view these on a map
  • BUGFIX! Start game from game history menu fixed.
  • BUGFIX! Deprecated courses also check against local courses.
  • BUGFIX! Graphical fixes for older android versions.

As usual we hope you'll enjoy these updates and keep on playing!

DiscGolf v2.2.4

Course directions and bugfixes:

  • NEW! Course directions have been added in edit/create course
  • BUGFIX! Application crashes on some devices. It hasn't been easy tracking this down so we hope we've fixed it for good this time
  • BUGFIX! Layout error in DG Lite Game stats diagrams

DiscGolf v2.2.2/v2.2.3 More bugfixes

We found and fixed some more bugs:

  • BUGFIX! Backup data dialog (set account) shown i Pro is now back
  • BUGFIX! Graphical errors in scorecard and edit course have been fixed
  • BUGFIX! Camera is now optional (this is part of a new feature which will be available soon)

DiscGolf v2.2.1 Minor bugfixes

Just a quick update to fix some minor bugs:

  • BUGFIX! Show "Go Pro" option in DG Lite menu again
  • BUGFIX! Don't prompt that feature is only available in pro when opening menu
  • Don't prompt Lite users to set account anymore (feature only available to pro and subscribing users)
  • NEW! Icon graphics in menu

DiscGolf v2.2 Player statistics, fixes, more game types

This time we focused on Statistics mostly, but we also found and fixed a number of old bugs added more game types as well as a few other things:

  • PRO FEATURE Added Stableford and Modified Stableford game types
  • NEW FEATURE Find courses close to you
  • NEW FEATURE Search course reviews on DGCourseReviews.com
  • UPDATE: Player par graphics has been modified to be much easier to overview
  • UPDATE: Ability to finish games early in MatchPlay
  • UPDATE: Fling right remove - Games, local courses and players may be removed if you "fling" them to the right
  • UPDATE: Statistics - Player best, average and worst
  • UPDATE: Statistics - Course best, average and worst
  • UPDATE: Statistics - Diagram for course/hole par spread
  • UPDATE: Statistics - Diagram for player/hole par spread
  • UPDATE: Statistics - Game Diagram can now be viewed in portrait mode
  • BUGFIX! Statistics - Diagrams for games have been fixed so labels are readable on hi-res devices
  • UPDATE: Game diagrams, scorecard and other navigation has been changed to be more "linear"
  • NEW: We now have a Google+ page and you can also follow us on Twitter
  • BUGFIX! See which local courses are outdated
  • BUGFIX! DG Lite - Maps are now shown
  • And as usual a bit more... ;)

This summer I've been out playing Discgolf every chanse I got and last week it really paid off as I got my first ever hole in one! :) I've improved my games and usually get 4-5 chanses at birdies per 18 hole games. Unfortunately the season if coming to an end here in Sweden and I may only have a few more weekends left to play before the weather here gets to cold for me. But that's probably good new to you as I'll spend more time coding then ;)

Well, I hope you still have some more time to play this year and as usual, if you have any suggestions for new improvements or if you find a bug you can always contact us.


DiscGolf v2.1/v2.1.1 Player statistics, new map, different game types

It hasn't been long since our latest relase but we've managed to put together some amazing updates:

  • PRO FEATURE Advanced Player Statistics
  • PRO FEATURE New game types: MatchPlay, BogeyPlay and original StrokePlay
  • UPDATE: Completely new Map view (zoom, tilt, rotate)
  • UPDATE: Winners are highlighted in games list
  • UPDATE: Replaced popup dialogues to promote subscriptions with text messages
  • UPDATE: Ads will slide in slowly from bottom
  • UPDATE: New graphics
  • UPDATE: Added menu options to all screens
  • BUGFIX! Several bugfixes
  • And more...

We think this is one of our most important updates yet and we'd love to get your feedback. Please send us an email and let us know if there is anything else you'd like to see in our app.
Keep on playing!

DiscGolf v2.0.1 Bugfixes

These past days we've started to roll out the new DiscGolf system as a staged release. This has given us some time to test the app and webpage, so naturally we found a few bugs which we have corrected. With this update we also added scorecards online so you can see your past and present games online (if you have activated your Google account in the app-settings).

Have a happy Midsummer!

DiscGolf v2.0 New and improved

All good things come to those who wait! and now we are finally ready to present DiscGolf 2.0
We've implemented a number of new features, fixes and changes which we hope you appreciate.

  • PRO FEATURE Share your games and players between all you devices.
  • NEW! Brand new webpage, check it out!.
  • NEW FEATURE (By request)! You can now create your own Private course(s) which will not be shared with others (for courses on private property and testing mostly). Just name your course "Private"
    (NOTE! This is a privilegie and abuse will result in the removal of this feature)
  • NEW FEATURE (By Request)! Set score in landscape mode (long click score to get a poput where you can change score)
  • NEW FEATURE (also By Request)! Finish games. When the last hole has been played you can now Finish the game, meaning that the game will be locked from further changes.
  • NEW FEATURE Application messages. Since we are rolling out new features and bugfixes we wanted to be able to let you know of important changes and fixes. In the main/games history page you'll be able to see new updates from us from time to time.
  • UPDATE: Improved course/hole distances handling. Popups will no longer disappear if screen is rotated and distance is shown when start and end locations have been set/are measured.
  • UPDATE: Redesigned to make the app look much cleaner (this is something similar to the Android holo theme, but for All devices).
  • UPDATE: Better country recognition for newly installed apps
  • BUGFIX! Lots and lots...
  • "Call players" has been removed as it seemd redundant (if you want to call a player if is probably a lot easier to call them from your phonebook instead).
  • Most of the app has been rewritten (backend and webpage have been replaced as well) and we've tried to test these updates as much as we can, but if you find anything, PLEASE let us know so we can fix it.

Welcome to the new DiscGolf webpage!

We've been working on the new Android app these past six months and while we where working on that we've also created a new backend as well as this new webpage.One of the key features of the new app is to be able to share games on different devices and this webpage will also allow you to log in and see you saved games (as you'd see them in your phone/tablet).The entire backend has been rewritten, this webpage has been re-built from the ground up and we've added "Google"-login, statistics among a few other things.
We really hope you'll like it, let us know if you do ;)

DiscGolf v1.13 Bugfixes

A couple of more bugs have been fixed

  • BUGFIX! Share locations and distances.
  • BUGFIX! Share scorecard

Dots o fun! Livewallpaper

We played around with creating live wallpapers and created our first one today.It's available for free in Google Play now!

GPS Distance v1.8 Theme change

  • BUGFIX! Share locations and distances should work better now.
  • Theme changed back since it actually did work :)

DiscGolf v1.12 Emergency FIX

A problem was detected with the DB changes in v1.11 causing the DB to crash!!!

GPS Distance v1.7 Theme change

We noticed that newer devices might not be able to access the menu/action bar.For this reason we decided to revert the them to an older version which should work better with newer devices.

DiscGolf v1.11 New Pro Feature

This update gives Pro users the ability to share measured locations online (from the Distance screen).We've created an online service which will generate a map for the coordinates you wish to share. That way you can simply share a URL to the map and post it online wherever you want.

  • PRO FEATURE: Share locations and distances online via: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • BUGFIX! Saving distances in feet and yards have been fixed! (was only working properly with Meters before)

GPS Distance v1.6 New Feature

Today we give you the ability to share coordinates. You can select any location(s) and share them as an online map.You coordinates are uploaded to our online map service and you can share a link to these coordinates which will be displayed as a map.
Hope you like it!

DiscGolf v1.9 More supported devices

Since making calls and measuring distances with GPS isn't a necessity for our DiscGolf apps, devices which don't support these features are now also able to use our apps.

DiscGolf v1.8 Feature request unlocked

It was pointed out to us that users in other countries will probably not update their course information if they don't have their specific distance unit available.We think this is resonable, so we've decided to allow Lite users to use this feature as well.So another quick release, today ;)

PRO and Subscription users should not dispair, we are planning to create better statistics for you guys and girls to come in an update soon.

  • PRO Feature unlocked for Lite Users: Change Distance Unit freely!

DiscGolf v1.7 Bugfix and Update

Some of you using Android 3.x might have thought our app was a bit strange. This is probably because you couldn't access the menu :( sorry my bad! We really don't have the capacity to test for every available Android device, so some bugs will appear from time to time.Please email us and we can sort it out ASAP (we hope).Anyway, this release contain:

  • BUGFIX! Menu Options should now be accessible in all devices
  • UPDATE: Share scorecard can now be shared with a lot more apps than just email: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Yay, it's social!

DiscGolf v1.6 Release

Today we are proud to announce the release of DiscGolf v1.6.We've spent a lot of time trying to find and fix bugs and we've also heard from some of you about feature requests and bugs. So thank you for your input, we've tried to fix the bugs you've found but since we were already working on this (rather substantial) release we haven't had time to add your features yet.
So what is new then?

  • New! Go Pro! Lite users can now purchase a subscriptions to get access to all Pro features. You can buy either a monthly or yearly subscription. This means that if you only want to test the Pro version or if you only play during the summer you can get a shorter subsription 1-2 months then end the subscription when your not using the app anymore. We hope some of you will use this to support us working to make a better app for you.
  • We had to drop support for Android 1.6 to be able to use newer APIs
  • New! and improved screen for measuring distances. Distances are saved locally, can be edited with titles and new distances etc. This has most of the features that GPS Distance has, apart from Smart Extension support
  • Course maps should look prettier now ;) and we also show hole distances on the map
  • Updated statistics color scheme so this also looks much better now
  • Create player/contact now has its very own screen. It's just soo much nicer
  • BUGFIX: Slide animation in portrait scorecard mode is working perfectly now :) Yay!
  • BUGFIX: Now showing course distances when available (all holes on the course must have a distance for the course distance to be calculated)
  • Showing more information about players in the New Game Screen (phone and email if they are set)
  • Lots of code cleanup, other bugfixes and layout optimizations...

GPS Distance v1.4 Update

We've been working on this update for a while now (as you might imagine). GPS Distance is now a full on Android app with support for both Sony SmartWatch and Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro.

  • NEW! We have added support for Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro
  • NEW! Android app providing a lot better functionality for managing and viewing measured distances (distances from both LiveWare extensions can be sent to the application)
  • NEW! MapView - You can view all locations and distances or just a selected location or distance on a Map
  • Bugfix! for the Sony SmartWatch Extension

DiscGolf v1.5 Update

In light of our previous release of GPS Distance we thought we should also give our DiscGolf users the same functionality in measuring distances.This release come with a few new settings related to GPS locations:

  • Settings screen has been changed/cleaned up
  • You now have the option to specify a minumum accuracy for location updates (in meters)
  • You can now specify if you should get all location updates or just update locations if a location with the same or better accuracy can be found
  • BUGFIX: In the list of available courses we no longer show the menu option "Show course map" for courses which don't have any measured locations
We hope you like these new settings, enjoy!

GPS Distance - LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch

We got hold of the SmartWatch from Sony as we thought it might be an excellent addition to our DiscGolf app(s).GPS Distance is an app for SmartWatch which allows you to measure (and hopefully improve) your throwing distances.The idea is that you will be able to keep score and measure distances directly from the SmartWatch (i.e. you don't have to touch your phone while you are playing).We've only just begun realizing the possibilities with the SmartWatch and so we've created an app specifically for all you discgolfers who want to improve your throwing skillz!This application allows you to measure the distance of your throws (start to end location) using the GPS in your phone without having to take out and touch the phone (don't know about you, but we get pretty dirty while playing and Really like the idea of only having to touch the SmartWatch instead of our phone while playing).
GPS Distance has the same basic functionality as the distance measuring tool in DiscGolf Pro (apart from saving previously measured distances), so whether you are a Lite of Pro user you'll be able to use this tool.

GPS Distance available on Google Play

We would like to get some feedback if you like this app.We think we might be able to send distances to the DiscGolf app and allow you to save distances if you want to, but we'd like to get your thoughts on this.Please send us an email or write a comment about this in our app so we know if this is something you want or not?!?

Furthermore we think those of you who get the SmartWatch will benefit from keeping score directly from the SmartWatch and we'll start working on that for now.So please keep playing and using our app, we aim to please ;)

DiscGolf Pro v1.4 Bugfix

Bugfix! Quick Bugfix for you all DG Pro users, measuring distance screen in Pro wrote an extra "m" has been fixed.

DiscGolf v1.3 Update

This update comes with new functionality, optimizations and a bugfix. We'd like to thank Matthew for his suggestion to add an option to see distance in feet.We've added an option (in Pro version only) to change between feet, meters and yards.Since our app measures in meters this implementation is only a visual conversion from meters into your prefered distance unit (we hope that explains why you might get number rounding).Anyway, here is the list of fixes:

  • Optimizations to the app making it a bit faster (don't know how much this will impact the performance on your phone, but almost every aspect of the app is affected by this)
  • New: User of DiscGolf Pro can now display distance as feet, meters or yard
  • Bugfix: Share score via email from menu in Scorecard should now work

DiscGolf v1.2 Update

Greetings, today we've updated DiscGolf with a few niceties:

  • We've made improvements to the UI to make the application a bit faster
  • We've also updated the About text

DiscGolf v1.1 Update

On this sunny satuday we decided to make a new update/release:

  • BUGFIX: map not shown
  • New! Added high-res graphics for larger Android devices
Hope you have time to play a few games today, we know we will.

DiscGolf Pro on Google Play NOW!

DiscGolf Pro available on Google Play

We are proud to announce that DiscGolf Pro is now available for download on Google Play.DiscGolf Pro is the full version of DiscGolf and contains all of the functionality you can see here on our Android application page.DiscGolf pro is designed to be the only tool you need when playing DiscGolf.It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this application will be all you need.So please enjoy DiscGolf and keep a lookout for more updates as we continue to develop the application to be the best there is.
Click on the Google Play link to get the full version now!.

DiscGolf Lite on Google Play

DiscGolf Lite available on Google Play

DiscGolf Lite has now been published on Google Play.This version contains a lot of useful functionality for playing DiscGolf and keeping score.To see more details of what you get and what you will be missing, please visit our Android mobile page.
Click on the Google Play link to get the Lite version of DiscGolf now!

Android re-release

The DiscGolf Pro/Lite versions are soon to be released for Android 1.6 and above (again).This time under new company name (CodeUnlimited) Visit our Android application page to learn more.

Printable scorecards

Printable scorecards are now available for all maps.If you can't use any of the mobile applications then this might be the best alternative for you who want to keep score.
Select your course from the courses page and click "Printable scorecard" to get a scorecard for your course.(Scorecard supports up to 8 players)

Map of highest ranking courses

All courses are ranked by the number of individual players using the course.The 100 highest ranking courses can now be viewed on the world map in the courses page.You can also go to a specific course quickly by simply clicking on the course icon directly in the map. Click here to view.

Detailed course maps

We've added functionality to view course location and holes for all courses which have been updated with GPS coordinates. Click here to view.

Android release

The DiscGolf Pro/Lite versions are soon to be released for Android 1.6 and above. Visit our Android application page to learn more.

Under construction

In anticipation of the Android mobile application releases we are constructing this web portal for our users.This portal will be updated as we get more feedback from our users, but for now we only intended to show information about courses.