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2011-09-09Disc Golf Pro on Google Play NOW!

Disc Golf Pro available on Google Play

We are proud to announce that Disc Golf Pro is now available for download on Google Play. Disc Golf Pro is the full version of Disc Golf and contains all of the functionality you can see here on our Android application page. Disc Golf pro is designed to be the only tool you need when playing Disc Golf. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this application will be all you need. So please enjoy Disc Golf and keep a lookout for more updates as we continue to develop the application to be the best there is.
Click on the Google Play link to get the full version now!.

2011-09-09Disc Golf Lite on Google Play

Disc Golf Lite available on Google Play

Disc Golf Lite has now been published on Google Play. This version contains a lot of useful functionality for playing Disc Golf and keeping score. To see more details of what you get and what you will be missing, please visit our Android mobile page.
Click on the Google Play link to get the Lite version of Disc Golf now!

2011-08-16Printable scorecards

Printable scorecards are now available for all maps. If you can't use any of the mobile applications then this might be the best alternative for you who want to keep score.
Select your course from the courses page and click "Printable scorecard" to get a scorecard for your course. (Scorecard supports up to 8 players)

2011-08-12Map of highest ranking courses

All courses are ranked by the number of individual players using the course. The 100 highest ranking courses can now be viewed on the world map in the courses page. You can also go to a specific course quickly by simply clicking on the course icon directly in the map. Click here to view.

2011-08-10Detailed course maps

We've added functionality to view course location and holes for all courses which have been updated with GPS coordinates. Click here to view.

2011-08-09Android release

The Disc Golf Pro/Lite versions are soon to be released for Android 1.6 and above. Visit our Android application page to learn more.

2011-08-08Under construction

In anticipation of the Android mobile application releases we are constructing this web portal for our users. This portal will be updated as we get more feedback from our users, but for now we only intended to show information about courses.