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Disc Golf

Welcome to Disc Golf, home of the Disc Golf Pro/Lite mobile applications. We've created this webpage to allow our users to view and eventually share courses, game stats etc online. In its current version we only support information about courses, but later as we get more feedback from out users we might also display games/rounds and other stats.


The courses you find on this webpage have been created from one of our mobile Disc Golf applications. All courses created in the mobile applications are uploaded and shared to all other users in the system. This means that you will eventually be able find courses and information about courses from all over the world.
We try to not place any restrictions on the course data, but instead we provide functionality to see which courses have been updated and which have the highest ranking.

Read more about our courses here.


Find information about and download the Pro or Lite version of our mobile applications for your device.

Read about our mobile applications Disc Golf Pro/Lite here.