We do Android and mobile Web applications. From idea to market we follow through and do it all. Check out our apps on Google Play or check below to read more about them.

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Our apps

DiscGolf Scorekeeper was launched in October 2013. This is a native Android application specifically designed for Sony SmartWatch and SmartWatch2. It is part of our DiscGolf suite of applications and allows you to managed your DiscGolf Scorecard directly from your SmartWatch.
Borg was mostly made for the fun of it. I was making a borg halloween costume and though it needed something special. I created a webpage which would randomly display a Borg (ie. StarTrek) computer display. I wanted this to be part of the cosutme I was making, so I made a pocket on the cosutme for my phone which would run the webpage. Unfortunateley the webpage would go into sleep mode, so I used Phonegap to make this a hybrid application. The cosutme was a success so I thought other might want the app for their costumes and so we put it out on Google Play :)
This application is a Live wallpaper for Android devices. We created it mostly because we wanted to create something cool.

Dots of Fun is available for free on Google Play, so go and download it now!
Back in 2012 we entered a Sony SmartWatch competion. This applications was our entry for the competition. In 2013 we were invited to Berlin to compete in the Sony SmartWatch2 Hackaton. This allowed us to update the application for Sony SmartWatch2.
Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2
LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch
LiveWare™ extension for Smart Wireless Headset pro
PopcorHourRemote was originally based on PLoNK, an Android app remote control for Popcorn Hour A-100/110 and C-200. We liked the app because in some ways it was better than the original HW remotecontrol for Popcorn Hour. We've rewitten the entire app (to make it better), updated all UI and fixed a lot of the shortcoming of the original app. Now we offer this app for free (ads funded) on Google Play.
DiscGolf is meant to be used by DiscGolf players who want to keep score. This is the Android application part of a larger system. Users can also use our SmartWatch extension to keep score from their Sony SmartWatch. They can also use the discgolf webpage to review more stats from their save games.

Native, Hybrid and Webapps

Application typeDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantages
NativeApplications only designed for Android phones
  • Fast applications
  • Fast graphics
  • Access to OS features
  • Distributed via Google Play
  • Long development time
HybridWebpages wrapped in native
  • Access to OS features
  • Distributed via Google Play
  • Fast development time
  • Slow applications
WebWebpages designed for mobile phones
  • Fast development time
  • Distributed via web
  • Partial access to OS features
  • Slow graphics


We mostly develop Native Android Applications. This is because they usually offer a better experience for our users. It always depends on what type of application we want to develop.

Contact us to find out more contact.codeunlimited@gmail.com.

Android Platform Versions

Gingerbread102.3.3 - 2.3.7
Ice Cream Sandwich154.0.3 - 4.0.4
Jelly Bean164.1.x
Kit Kat194.4.x

Android Screen Sizes and Densities


We do Android and mobile Web applications. From idea to market we follow through and do it all. Check out our apps on Google Play.

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We do Web because it's fun. JS/HTML5/CSS3 has made Internet an awesome playgound and we really like to play.

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CodeUnlimited is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are a technology focused consultancy firm which specializes in mobile- and web development.

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